Window Cleaning San Antonio | 6603 1st Park Ten Blvd San Antonio, TX

Client: 6603 1st Park Ten Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78213 Service Provider: HC Softwash Window Cleaning Services Required: Exterior Window Cleaning with Hard Water Stain Removal
Number of Windows: 80

Project Overview: The single-story office building at 6603 1st Park Ten Blvd had not received professional window cleaning in several years. The windows were traditionally cleaned by hand, leading to built-up hard water staining and an unsightly appearance. The property managers sought HC Softwash Window Cleaning’s expertise to restore the windows to pristine condition.

Key Project Details:

  • 80 exterior windows with heavy hard water staining from lack of proper cleaning
  • Traditional hand cleaning methods were ineffective for removing stubborn deposits
  • Low-rise building allowed for ground-level cleaning without scaffolding
  • Fast turnaround required to minimize disruption to business operations

Approach: The experienced technician from HC Softwash Window Cleaning utilized specialized equipment and solutions for this hard water stain removal project:

  • Trained operator in commercial hard water remediation
  • Heavy-duty soft brushes and purified water fed-pole system
  • Eco-friendly descaling and stain removal solutions
  • Protective ground coverings to ensure safety around the building

Execution Timeline: Day 1 (4 hours): Setup, preparation of hard water solutions
Day 2 (4 hours): Comprehensive cleaning and stain removal on all 80 windows

Results: After just one 8-hour period, the HC Softwash technician completely transformed all 80 exterior windows. Stubborn hard water buildup and staining was safely removed, restoring exceptional clarity. The revived windows dramatically enhanced the property’s curb appeal.

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