Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar Panels Cleaning

At HC Softwash we provide high quality solar panel cleaning with our pure water system which uses zero chemicals that could potentially harm your panels. Our purified water system will wash away all the dirt and build up allowing maximum performance and savings!

Maximize your Savings with Regularly Scheduled Solar Panel Cleaning

The Dirty Truth About Solar Panel Cleaning, Care, And Maintenance!

Part of maintaining your solar system is to keep it clean so that it operates at its top capacity at all times. The presence of debris or buildup on the surface of the panels will drastically drop the system’s effectiveness over time. Maximize the eventuality of your solar system with regular solar panel cleanings.

What’s wrong with dirty solar panels?

Did you know that you could lose up to 25 percent of your solar panel effectiveness if you neglect to clean your solar system? Dust, debris, pollution, leaves, and bird droppings can all block the sun’s shafts from hitting the solar panel. This will dwindle the amount of power the system can produce. Regular solar system cleanings won’t only keep your system clean and free of debris, it’ll also allow the service technicians to check your panels for any necessary repairs and to insure that everything is working properly.